Conference season!

A large chunk of the SABII team were away over the last fortnight to attend conferences.

Julie headed to Bangkok to present at VARN2023 – the Vaccine Acceptance Research Network’s 2023 conference. Julie joined a plenary panel discussion titled “Challenges of Online & Offline Circulating Misinformation Relating to Zero-Dose Children and Vaccine Introduction“. The other panellists were Adidja Amani, from the WHO Regional Office for Africa; Ana Bottallo, journalist from Brazil; Farah Naz Qamar, Associate Professor from Pakistan; and Joe Smyser, CEO of The Public Good Projects.


Last week was the annual CDIC 2023 (Communicable Diseases and Immunisation Conference) in Perth, Western Australia.

Rebika, Adeline, Julie, Kerrie – at the CDIC in Perth.
Kerrie Wiley with 4th year vet student, Jessica Kropich-Grant, who presented collaborative work done by the School of Public Health and the Sydney Vet School.
Julie Leask, presenting at CDIC2023 about her study on journalists’ experiences of reporting the pandemic.